Excavation Day 1

Rained overnight, damp, moody and windy morning. Set up awning in advance of the volunteer diggers arriving at 9am. Trench 2 rapidly cleaned and photographed, Trench 1 cleaned and photographed by lunchtime.

Set up time lapse camera on 7 metre mast overlooking Trench 1,  recording the exposure  of a number of anomalies including a linear feature.  In the afternoon session volunteers tasked to excavate several features  in Trench 1 and Trench 2.

Trench 1  investigates the north gate of the marching camp and tituli outside.  Excavation of the tituli produced our first piece of pottery in context, additionally several pieces of flint were recovered.

Visited the Fardeanside ford to the south of the site to establish the river level, river running about 30cm higher than normal .

Rolfe Mitchinson and Bob Middlemas arrive Thursday AM to begin their investigation of the river bed for evidence of a fixed crossing point.