Project Management and Specialists

This section on the blog will include potted bio’s of our project management and specialists.

It is also a call to arms!

Are you are looking for an interesting multi-period site  that fits your research plans, currently unknown to archaeology.

 Are  you  a free thinker?

Do you embrace our ethos?

Are you unencumbered by  establishment group think?

If you fit these criteria, and have archaeological skills or specialisms you are prepared to offer  to the project freely and willingly in return, then  it is time you gave us a call.   Whether you are   an amateur ‘ dabbling about’  on weekends,  an undergrad or post-grad irritated at the lack of opportunity to work on new sites, or even a professional earning a crust from archaeology, then this this project offers you all a major opportunity to make a statement in archaeology.  That is of course if  you are prepared to put the time in.

The Mid Tees Research Project is an amateur research project set up to reflect the lessons learnt in the 1990’s with its predecessor the Mid Tees Project. The earlier project organically developed using  the traditional  hierarchial  structure common to archaeology, with a single project leader driving the project, his project.

Unfortunately as the leader of the original project work took me away from archaeology and  the active fieldwork group sadly dispersed.     It’s  legacy  of course was a group  of former members who went on to work and develop their skills on sites throughout the region during the intervening years, some of whom were the first people I approached to come on board the Mid Tees Research Project.

When returning to archaeology, I was determined that a key element of the project was avoiding the fragile hierarchial structure  that had failed in the past when one individual moved on.  I therefore made an early decision to establish the project, and the major site at the heart of it  as a co-operative project.  I then  willingly handed over  my years of research  to a core group of like minded amateurs, with the intention that the research could be used to take forward ideas independently,  whilst allowing me  to continue to focus on my own area of specialisms, all under the umbrella of the project.