Excavation Day 3

Weather more of the same dry and windy,conditions making excavation and recording  difficult, but we are slowly getting a handle on the geology.

The second  trench we have been excavating is Trench 2.

The marching camp appears to have been reduced in size on at least two occasions.  This trench cuts across the North/South ditch line of the smaller of the two  internal divisions of  the marching camp, and also includes  a roundish feature,  the aim being to date the subdivision.


Trench 1 also still fighting us all of the way. Titula ditch to the front of the entrance now clearly defined and producing pottery. Main ditch terminal still proving elusive.


Pottery collection from a 10 min field walk in the ploughed field adjacent to main site. Concentration of Tees Valley Ware(11-13th C) from an area which indicated a possible structure in the magnetometer survey.