We’ve got the Three Men, now we need a Boat!!

As part of the wider Mid Tees Research Project, we are investigating the river in the area around our research area.

The area in question is some 7 km around the loop, taking in at least three fords, with the purpose of exploring the possibility of a fixed crossing point, and any other underwater structures  in the area. The work will be carried out on an ad hoc basis to suit the participants involved, and dependent on the river conditions.  The normal depth state of the river through the area when it is not in  flood is  in the region of 30cm to 60cm across 60% of the width of the river,  with a single  deeper channel in the general area of 60cm to 1.5m.

There is a major problem getting access to the river especially during the growing season, where we can only dip in and out as the vegetation allows. We are looking for somebody with a rib with an engine that can be carried on the top of a vehicle that is suitable for 3 or 4 people , or a flat bottomed boat with a trailer., who is interested in getting in some river time, whilst taking part in an interesting exercise.  There is a launching ramp  at one end of the area if necessary.

The nature of the work will be to carry out a physical inspection of the river bed, where possible using divers, underwater photography and possible towing a small magnetometer array  behind the boat to pick up magnetic anomalies under the gravels.

I would be grateful if anybody with a boat themselves, or perhaps somebody they know with a boat, who might be interested, could contact me to discuss the matter further at.

email: john.brown@ reiverenglish.com