Roman Research in North Yorkshire

On the 13th December 2014, I gave a talk at Thornton le Street as part of a series of talks promoting current and proposed research into  the Roman Roads of North Yorkshire.

My talk was the last in the first series of four which had all been well attended. My talk to my surprise got over 70 people paying to attend, suggesting the potential for amateur archaeological endeavour in North Yorkshire is  waiting to be tapped.

The talks were organised by John Sheehan, well known to the archaeological community in the region, and who has been leading a proposal to carry out investigations into potential Roman archaeology  along the alignment of Cades Road ( Margary 80a), on its route through the Thirsk/ Northallerton area.

Fieldwork and geophysical survey are on the cards in the next few months,  as are a further series of talks, anybody who might be interested in attending or  taking part, can  contact John at: