Our home for the next two weeks arrives!


After a belated delay due to vandalism, our security cabin and loo finally arrives. For practical delivery reasons the cabin is some 800 metres from the excavations, volunteers in need of the facilities please note.

The cabin can be seen at the entrance to Newsham Grange Farm. Please be aware the farm is a working arable farm in the middle of the harvest, the grain store is adjacent to our cabin, and all the hardstanding is used as a turning circle and loading area for a succession of 30 tonne grain lorries, arriving and departing throughout the day. Drivers must park well before the farm entrance on the grass verges etc and walk upto the cabin, please bear in mind that these lorries are wide, as are the tractors, trailers and combines that may use the road, so park as far onto the verge as possible. We are guests on Brians farm at his busiest time of the year, please try to avoid inconveniencing him, his workers and contractors.